Thursday, March 25, 2010

Daddy's Little Automechanic

When I was little, my parents used to read this book to me about two children helping their daddy. I loved it, and it fulfilled its purpose by encouraging me to see chores with Daddy as fun. We have pictures of my "help." At about 18 months, I'm sitting on my dad's chest with the oil funnel on my head, while he's working with his head under the car.

G had a moment like this the other day. Tim was studying the Toyota manual before replacing the fuel pump in the Leprichon (his truck is tiny and bright green). Following his interest, she became engrossed in the manual, sitting in front of it, swiping at the pages.

Obviously, Gwennan still has a limited ability to help, but we'll get there. Before we know it, she'll be digging through the mulch we just spread to check for edible objects and rifling through Tim's wrench set while he works on the car. I love it! (although, I might not when she's actually making a mess out of my project)

Did I mention that she sat, unaided, for several minutes while I took pictures?
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