Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Does everything die?

Big one sits next to me at lunch, her fork pauses over her mac n' cheese. Mother, does everything die?

These are her questions recently, like where do babies come from. I figure it's best to answer her honestly. My "grown up girl" appreciates being taken seriously.

Hoping she's looking for a simple answer, Yep. Everything dies.

Here comes the list:

Do cows die?


Do fish die?

Yep. {she should know this from personal experience}

Do people die?


She looks around the room, Do dogs die?! I pause. I see where this is going, but she is too quick for me. Will Abby die?!

Me, scrambling, Not for a long time. We'll take good care of her.

Seeing right through me,  But she's going to die. And it will be our fault. I will be sad. I miss her.

More scrambling, It won't be our fault. She's not going to die any time soon. She's fine.

With a fatalistic air, Why did Daddy get me a dog?

I'm ready to give up when small one chimes in, Love Abby! Love my doggie!

That's why Daddy got a dog. Because you love Abby, and she needed a good home.

Big one shrugs, Yep, I love Abby. And her fork plunges back into her mac n' cheese.

Conversation done. She's un-phased. I'm slightly traumatized.
When I introduced Abby, I didn't have much info for you. She is 1 1/2 year old german retrieva-chow* from a local rescue. We'd owned her for a couple days. After a couple weeks.... I feel like we cheated. For $130 and a lengthy interview, we got a house-broken, child-broken, non-chewing, already-trained dog. The only things we have to teach her are to stay in our fence and stay off our bed. Amazing dog! She fits into our home like she's been here the whole time. An answer to years of praying for God to bring along the right dog at the right time. Thanks God!!

*The german retrieva-chow is not yet recognized by the AKC, but I think it could be the next big thing in designer dogs.**

**We have no idea what breed(s) Abby is.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A day late

Happy birthday, Baby A!!

Can I still call her 'baby' now that she's 2? She's okay with it. Unlike her big sis, small one is in no hurry to give up her spot as baby. Just this morning, she wrapped herself in her blankie, popped her finger in her mouth and nestled into my chest like a newborn. I'll take it.

She feels like the forgotten child. Big one is such a spotlight hog tour de force that small one is largely overlooked. As if she is still the pretty newborn with nothing to say.

But we know differently.

All yesterday, she spread birthday cheer. Happy birthday to yoooooouuuuu! She sang to her friends, to the cashier at Costco, to the owl on her pj's. That's our girl. She's not having fun until everyone around her is having fun too. A shy extrovert {can that happen?}.

So I'll remember later, a few favorites:

Book: Go Dog, Go! She bounces and squeals over every page, especially the do you like my hat? pages. No!!! she yells at the pink poodle.

Toy: Can't get enough babies. Babies with bottles. Babies in strollers. Even better when we get a real baby over for a visit. Loves babies.

Song: Baby Mine {yes, the sad one from Dumbo. She's obsessed. Sings it constantly} or maybe Gangnam Style

Game: Her face screws into an ornery scowl, points her finger at PoppaDaddy and says, no! over and over again. He doesn't even have to tell her to do something. She just likes telling him no! My MIL, SIL, and I love this game. She looks just like DH when he's being ornery and difficult.

So happy birthday, sweet Afton! I love you so very much. I'm so glad you came along to bring joy and silliness to your tightly wound Momma and sis. We need you!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Migraines and mystery fevers

Small one and I are having a sick day, moping around. When she cried for me last night, I knew she would wake up sick.

It's funny. When big one was a baby, I didn't trust the thermometer unless it was rectal and over 100.

Now I use my hand. Ooh, that's a 99. something forehead. And I'm usually right.

That's my note for teenagers today. Those years days that you think your mom doesn't know you at all. She can tell that you have a half degree fever by placing her hand on your forehead. That ranks right under 'eyes in back of head' on the superhero scale. I can't imagine finding someone who knows you better {at least before you're married - T can predict a migraine hours before it hits}.

Tylenol, gray fall weather and NFL. We'll muddle through this day yet.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

In leu of a coffee date...

I find our lives in need of a catch up post. This may become a Fall tradition.

End of September - welcome Auntie Meg. Tour Richmond, camp, knit scarves and mittens. Remember how awesome gaining a grown-up sister is.

Laugh until it hurts over Big One's skunk story {which is quickly becoming legend} as she acts out Daddy's fear upon watching a skunk waddle into our tent. Calling for help from a sleeping Momma, but she didn't wake up. Neighbors coming to the rescue, and shine a light on our tent. Then the skunk waddled out of the tent. The end.
Photo courtesy of Megan Ellis

Photo courtesy of Megan Ellis 
Photo courtesy of Megan Ellis
October - Annual camping trip to Montebello. Apple festival, friends and cider around a bonfire, finding a dead copperhead, then a live copperhead, leaving before the temperature dropped to freezing.

Can 24 quarts of my best applesauce. Wash clothes. Put away tent and cook stove. Teach a few more phonics. Pack beach clothes. Dress for a friend's wedding. Leave from the wedding to the beach.

Fantastic week with my family. All of us together for the first time in a year.
Drive home in stiff gale. Dig out camp stove and hunker down for Hurricane Sandy.

Start sewing princess dresses for Halloween. Put sewing machine away and borrow princess dresses for Halloween. Celebrate big one's third{!} birthday.

November - Share a few days with friends. We were first time pregnant together but haven't seen each other since babies were born. Now we're both showing off two babies each.
Say goodbye to friends. Change sheets in guest bedroom. Say hello to Grammy and G-pa.

Bake a cake. Learn to make frosting with awesome MIL. Celebrate joint birthday party at the park...

with our new dog!
It would be cute if she were waiting for Tim. She's actually plotting the demise of the neighborhood squirrels.
Whew! A very good, very full Fall. Much to be thankful for.


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