Monday, March 29, 2010

86,000 meals for Haiti

I'm so proud of our church. This weekend, they packaged 86,616 meals to send to Haiti. Kids Against Hunger provided the organization and bulk foods, and the congregation put them all together.

The adventure started last Friday when the pallets of food arrived - 8 pallets to be exact. They were the only items in the semi trailer. Tim had to tie them to his truck with a rope and drag them (carefully) to the edge where the fork lift could take them into the church building. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find storage for 8 pallets of rice and soy?!

Tim's brothers, Andy and Will (they're twins - I'm not sure that G has figured out that they're two different people), and a friend, Ben, arrived Friday with all the packaging equipment. The church worked all weekend to portion out the food and package it.

This week, we will be shipping it down to relief workers in Haiti. I love that we were able to help tangibly. We're not just blindly throwing money at the problem. This food will be handed directly to families who need it. Such a cool project.

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