Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mobile Accountability

Sometimes I need a crafting kick in the pants. I usually crank through my projects, especially knitting and crocheting. Recently, I hit a wall because I don't love the pattern I'm working on. It's a mobile for Gwennan with ladybugs and a dragonfly and bee circling a flower. I'm stuck on the flower - the petals require that you count every stitch. Plus you have to make multiple pieces. I've noticed the more pieces I have to make and stitch together, the less likely I am to finish. Maybe that's why my mom makes both socks in a pair at one time. When you bind off the last row, you're done - a complete pair of socks. It's so discouraging to bind off, only to realize that you still have 6 more pieces to make and connect.

So, I'm giving myself a deadline. I must be finished with this project by Sunday. Please, ask me about it, beg for pictures, berate me if I don't post this mobile. I need to move on to another project. Thanks!

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