Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Babies in Pictures

My little girl is growing. She's learned to sit up. You can tell from these pictures that the boppy is really only necessary to cushion her fall now instead of propping her up as it is in the bottom photo. She now spends a lot of time sitting and chewing on stuff. For instance, she just pulled off her sock and shoved it in her mouth.

I admit, the baby picture posts are mostly to satisfy Grandparents and Great Grandparents (that's right MY grandparents have bookmarked my blog).

I want to point out something about photographing people in general, but babies specifically. Pay attention to the clothes they are wearing. When I wanted to take G's 3 month pictures, I put her in one of my favorite new outfits (she had just moved up a size) without a thought to how it would look on "film." Even though the light was much better when I took this shot (natural light on a sunny day coming in from multiple angles), the color was off. Those awkwardly pink flowers on her shirt are actually purple. The problem is two fold: the colorful shirt messes with the overall white balance, and the pattern distracts from my subject: Gwennan. If you look at the above pictures, you might notice the cat emblem on her shirt, but mostly you see her eyes. Even more distracting than big patterns, lettering. Right now, Gwennan has on the cutest onesie that say "Daddy Loves Me" in bright colors. While I love putting her in this outfit, today is not the day to photograph her. I'm not a particularly skilled photographer, but I try to improve. Paying attention to clothing detail is my newest lesson.

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