Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back to Cloth

I have diapers on the brain. Kind of lame. This week, I've been pulling apart old diapers (I've improved my original design but need the old material), sewing diapers (5 down, 15 to go), washing diapers (always) and using disposables (the diaper rash rebloomed, although I think I have fixed it). Literally, I see diapers when I close my eyes.

Whenever I use disposable diapers, I remember why I use cloth. At first it was the trash, then it was the blowouts (her skinny legs create the perfect chute in disposables). This go around, it's the stink. Call me crazy (or overly committed to cloth), but the soiled paper diapers smell so strongly that I have a hard time nursing her if she has a dirty diaper. I never have that problem in cloth. And thanks to the diaper pail lid and baking soda, they don't even smell when they're waiting for laundry day. So yeah, I'm ready to finish these prefolds, so I can get back to cloth.

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