Monday, March 8, 2010

A new morning

You know that cheesy song, "A Baby Changes Everything?" It's true.

We used to sleep in. Seven o'clock was early for us. We were proud of ourselves for getting out the door before 9. Those days are long gone (well, at least 4 months gone) with no hint of returning.

It's 8 o'clock - Tim's ran this morning and has been at work for an hour now. I have started two loads of laundry, baked muffins from scratch, made baby food and fed G twice.

As parents, you just don't realize how much you do in the morning until you have company. Everyone else is still sleeping. I'm glad for it, since this trip is their vacation. But it does provide the contrast I needed to see just how much our daily routine has shifted.

I'm also noticing a bit of G's development. She is exploring her voice, more than I realized. Until you're sitting in church during the communion meditation or have family sleeping on the couch, you might not realize how much your kid chatters. This morning has been an even louder morning than usual as G was on a tare over her breakfast. I could not shovel the food in fast enough. If I would puree it finely, I think she'd prefer a straw. Maybe that's why smoothies are so popular. Instant gratification without even bothering to chew. (I'm poking fun at myself - I make smoothies all the time)

I think I'll enjoy the quiet time while everyone is asleep. Maybe G is ready for her early morning snooze, and I can enjoy my Bible for a bit.

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