Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our First Hiking Trip

G and I are preparing to trek through the Shenandoah's today. This will be her first hike. So of course, pictures will be taken, not that you'd expect less of me.

I'm nervous. So I'm blogging instead of packing. Why am I nervous? This is my first hiking trip, too. Well, at least since she was born. Seven months pregnant the last time I hiked, my swollen belly caused me to stumble and topple over, leaving a softball sized bruise on my thigh. I kept up with the group, but just barely.

I'm no longer horribly off balance, but I am carrying an extra 11 pounds of precious baby. My pride is flaring up, telling me I won't be able to keep up, or my asthma is going to kick in, or I won't be prepared. Here's hoping that virtually voicing my fear will help me put it aside and enjoy a wonderful walk in the woods.

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  1. It's noon already and we don't have a report on how the hike went. Have they sent out the rescue party????? Oh sorry, wrong parent.
    No doubt Mollie got you there and back safely. Her stop on the way home was incentive enough for that.


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