Friday, March 5, 2010

Avocado everywhere

Pride goes before a fall, right? Story of my life. And this morning was no exception.

When Tim feeds G, the two of them seem to smear green baby food on everything within a three foot radius. Not so when I feed. I keep the mess limited to her bib and block her hands and wipe her chin.

But this morning, she bested me. We made such a mess that I had to use the bugger bulb to remove avocado from her nose! No one mentions that in parenting classes when they talk about aspiration. Hey, soon-to-be moms, in a few short months you could be sucking mashed vegetables out of your kid's nose. It's probably best that they don't tell you that beforehand.

Also, they probably shouldn't tell you that you will want to give away all of your clothes labelled "dry clean only." Or you can just wear the dry cleaning bag over all of your nice clothes. I find myself trying on shirts asking, "can I get urp out of this with a diaper wipe?" Now that would be handy information for the clothing care label. "Dye lot impervious to alcohol wipes." I'd buy nothing else.

They don't tell you about extra trips to the doctor or the panicked feeling when their fever keeps rising even after Tylenol. But, they also can't explain the joy of holding your baby while she sleeps. She's worth the mess. Sometimes, the mess is even inconveniently funny.

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  1. Tide-to-go in those little pens was/is my best friend at times like these!


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