Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Dinner to blog about

Does anyone remember the "Ab Roller" commercials? I know where they got the idea. Tim and I made ravioli tonight. Hand rolling pasta dough is intense. My abs haven't worked that hard in years.

Was the work worth it? Oh my - fresh pasta is totally worth it. Although, I'm really hoping for a pasta roller before we try this again. But seriously, I wondered how people ate pasta everyday without rampant obesity. If you work that hard to produce it, you can handle the calories of the pasta.

The recipe:
4 c of all-purpose flour
6 eggs (use 4 if you use semolina flour)
1 T of olive oil (you can use more if it's really flaky)
2 t salt

You can't overknead this. Work it until it's glossy, then roll it as flat as possible. If you're going to take it on by hand, enlist some help.

Tim relieved me of duty.

The finished project - totally amazing.
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