Friday, March 12, 2010


I started fooling around with embellishing on some onesies for a friend's baby boy. They came out so much cuter than I might have imagined. I can't wait to try this out on a few onesies for G.


To make these, I drew the pattern on a paper bag, then cut out the image and used it as a template on patterned fabric (these were all scraps or quilting squares). Then I used permanent fabric glue to adhere the embellishment to the onesie and traced the edges with fabric paint to protect from fraying. This works best if you wash both the onesie and the fabric before you start to avoid uneven shrinkage.

Thanks to wise craft for sending me in the direction of this site.

Ottobre Design

This website has all sorts of cute patterns that could be used for embellishing. They also offer plenty of free patterns for those of you who sew. I am itching to sew a purse with some fabric I found in the Joann's remnant bin, and I saw a couple really cute patterns here.
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  1. Shades of 1980's sweat shirts with the fabric paint edge. Ugh!! Remember the fish sweat shirts Nanny made for you girls???

  2. Please, you know we were adorable in those sweat shirts. Everything else 80's is coming back. Why not. :)


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