Friday, March 26, 2010

Lullaby Playlist

My mom was very patient with our musical taste growing up. She listened to more than her fair share of Wee Sing sing-a-long tapes and all of our records set to 45 rpm instead of 30 (they all sounded like the chipmunks, and yes, I know that records are dated - I am too young for 8 tracks; obviously the record player was a hand-me-down as were the records). Little kid music wasn't great then, but it beat the heck out of "Kid Bop" - elementary students remaking pop hits. Good grief. Who comes up with this junk?!

So, I sought hoped to brainwash G toward a more adult taste in music in utero. I read that babies respond to music heard before they're born. I figured it was worth a shot, so I created "G's Lullaby Playlist" (click here for  complete playlist). And...

It worked. She knows the songs and even calms down when they are played. I'm all about helping her fall asleep (eventually, we're going to use a babysitter). She also relaxes when my other favorites are on - Jack Johnson, Alison Krauss, Phil Wickham, the Weepies, etc... Pretty cool.

Another article I read talked about introducing your kids to world music that they can dance to. She starts kicking around with the Best of Africa and World Party cd's. Putomayo produces a lot of interesting global mixes (for those of you in K'town, McKay's usually has a great selection).

All this to say, I need help maintaining some semblance of adulthood. Some of the kiddie music out there kills brain cells; I lost enough being pregnant. I at least need good music!

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  1. i totally agree! i about gagged when someone gave us our first lullaby cd and it remains in th e wrapping still. i just went through my itunes playlist and made one for isaac. i'm hoping to never have to play kiddie music in the car and whatnot. blech.


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