Monday, May 31, 2010

Teething Chew Toys

I'm like any mom. I don't want my baby hurting, and if I can't keep her from hurting, I'd at least like her to be distracted. At 7 months, Gwennan is teething on and off just like all of her friends. We have frozen washcloths and rubber chew toys and, when all else fails, fingers to help ease in the new teeth.

Today I tried a Gerber teething biscuit. Well, I didn't try it; she did. A friend had one leftover from her toddler, so she passed them on to us. Gwennan was fussing, and the biscuit was just lying on the counter, so I figured, what the heck?!

Gerber should print a warning on the package - wrap your child in plastic before feeding. G made the second biggest mess of her life with that teething biscuit (I'll give first place to the vomit from last week). It dissolved as she drooled, covering her in what smelled like dried cake batter (however, I was simultaneously baking a cake). Somehow, while I was watering flowers, she got cement-like biscuit spit from her eyebrows to the cracks between her toes and everywhere in between. More so, she was screaming when I returned because the dog gobbled up the biscuit while I was not watching (she obviously overcame her swing phobia).

Not to knock Gerber or anyone who feeds Gerber baby food, but I think Gerber might be trying to take over the world. It's convenient; not particularly expensive and now provides "total" nutrition for you child up to kindergarten. How soon will it take them to control the elementary market as well? At that point, adults might start eating the same stuff. I've been told that several movie stars eat a jar of baby food 2 meals a day to control their figure. We could be buying all of our food in individually portioned jars marked by stages. When you get older, you just start working back to a puree. Who knows, it could work.


  1. hahaha oh, katie. you make me laugh. i agree with you on those teething biscuits. i don't want to deal with the mess...and something that just dissolves when you slobber on it?...hmm.

  2. Lol Katie! Funny stuff. The pediatrician told me to get Brody some and I remembered the messes the girls made and said no thanks! We'll do something else!

  3. Yeah, I should have guessed that something was up when they said they dissolved...


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