Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Favorite Days

I love rainy days, especially rainy Mondays, especially if it's a solid rain that echoes off the roof. Yesterday was one of those wonderful rainy Mondays.

The thing about rainy days is that I feel justified to do anything or nothing (although, let's be real - I'm a mom; a nothing day is still a busy day). There's no pressure to go out or take advantage of the sunshine, not that I don't enjoy that; sometimes it's just nice to have a break.

So, I crocheted; I baked; I cleaned the kitchen; I stripped diapers - all things I was looking forward to doing on a rainy day. There's something about grey days that call for cookies.  I don't ever remember coming inside from playing in the yard to the smell of cookies. I only running upstairs from an extra long, rainy day TV special (a.k.a. Sesame Street, Mr Rogers and Reading Rainbow) to find my mom baking cookies. I think something about being home inside begs for a little chocolate.

Today was also bread day. Tim demolished the last batch of rolls I made, so it was time for a double batch. Maybe these will last a little longer, but I should probably have butter in the butter keeper just in case.

Oh yeah, my random diaper stripping - after a while, diaper covers start leaking. They're fine; they're just begging for a good stripping. That is rinsing them several times in hot water to remove all of the detergent build-up. Then they're good again for a couple months.

That's another thing about rainy days. I grew up on a farm with a well. When it rained, you could use all the water you wanted. During a drought, we took navy showers and thought twice before washing horse blankets. I still think that way - like water is cheaper when it's raining and more expensive when it's dry. So, washing diapers several times made sense to me on a really wet day.

All in all, I spent a lovely afternoon in the kitchen with Gwennan swinging away, and Paka (our bunny) hopping around under the kitchen table. It bring a smile to my face, lowers my blood pressure and slows my heart rate. When my mom calls and Tim comes home, my day will be complete.

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