Thursday, June 3, 2010

The State of Things

Here I go again.. excusing myself from my blog with a migraine. I hate it for me as much as for you.

Having spent the last two days in bed or hugging the toilet, I'm now super hungry, super hung over and way behind. I was in the middle of dishes, laundry, bills and baby proofing G's room when the torrent hit. The wet clothes and dirty dishes and unpaid bills have all sat, patiently waiting for me to feel better.

Other things unraveled a little faster... for instance, the living room. Here's a phrase I never imagined saying: "Honey, please take your fishing gear out of the living room." Really?!!! What is the tackle box doing there to begin with?! There are no fish in our living room (we moved the aquarium to another room).

Of course, I never expected to ask, "Honey, please take the bike and all its parts out of our bedroom." That was last year right before Gwennan was born. Somehow, garage stuff seems to crawl out of the one room with a cement floor and find its way to the carpeted areas. I think it has something to do with air conditioning and the proximity of the refrigerator. Hey, that gives me an idea.  If I put a fridge stocked with drinks in the garage, maybe it would be a more enticing place to work. It will probably need a tv as well. I should get to work on this if I want to reclaim the house.


  1. Glad you are feeling better! Guys and their stuff :)

  2. Sorry you're not feeling the greatest. I was so sick with Isaac I burst blood vessels in my eyes. Yeah, I was a hot mess. Hope it passes soon!

    Also, I totally feel ya on the bike parts.

  3. Ooh, Courtney - that sounds awful! Fortunately, mine comes and goes.


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