Monday, May 10, 2010

Big News

I haven't fallen from the Earth. I wasn't even intentionally taking a break. The power cord for our macbook died, so my computer sat idle until Tim remembered to bring a cord from church. Thanks for your patience.

Big news at the Ellis household:

We're having Baby #2!!!

It's been all I could do not to blab to you earlier, but I really wanted to see the doctor first and make sure everything was cooking along like it should.

I'm due December 3, but since the doctor insists on another c-section, I'm hoping to get him/her here before November 29. Then every 7 years (or so), we will have family birthdays on Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For the Ellis Baby FAQ:

Q: Don't you know how this happens yet?
A: Obviously!

Q: Was this a surprise?
A: No. We wanted babies in pairs, so we were both planning and prepped for another baby right away.

Q: Boy or girl?
A: Can't tell yet. When we know, you'll know. And yes, we like finding out at 20 weeks. I'm a fan of gendered clothing.

Q: Names?
A: The name is a huge debate for me and Tim. It took 8 months to decide on Gwennan Louise. We like to keep it quiet until we're absolutely certain.

Since she's not to be forgotten in all the excitement, Gwennan also went to the doctor when I did. As most of you know, she's tiny. The doctor told me to start supplementing with formula. Turns out, my body was done nursing and being pregnant. So full time formula it is.

Honestly, I was sad to wean her. I felt rather obsolete. My head knows that she still needs me, but my heart feels like anyone could take her now. Probably silly, but it's how I felt.

At the doctor's office, Gwennan found the roll of protective paper for the table and began waving it around like a banner.


  1. So excited for you guys! I know both of our schedules have been taking us here and there, but hopefully we can hang out sometime soon - maybe a walk around the neighborhood or dinner sometime! :)

  2. Congratulations! It'll be neat for Gwennan and her sibling to be so close in age!

  3. congratulations! (again) it was good to chat with you in TN even only for a few minutes..i wish we had more time to get to know each other! i think i'd feel the exact same way about weaning. even being at work all day, i miss being able to be the only person who can fulfill that need. i complained about not having that freedom early on, but now i know i shouldn't take it for granted! good luck on her new feeding endeavors!

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  5. Early training in banner dancing, well done...

  6. You know us and banners - nothing like distracting everyone around you while they're worshipping God.


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