Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Looking back

In preparation for an overnight trip to K'town, fruit is ripening on the counter for baby food - plums, pears. All sorts of good stuff. Of course, they're hard to find ripe in the store this time of year.

The coolest part about this picture is actually the bowl. It is hand carved, belonging to Tim's great great grandmother. That bowl traveled on a covered wagon. The base is scored with years of cleaning and scraping. I love what it symbolizes - Tim's heritage.

This weekend is Mother's Day. My family will have 4 generations together: 2 great grandmothers, a grandmother, a mom and a little girl - all the oldest (or only) daughters. So neat. God has been very good to our family to allow us this celebration.


  1. we did a 4 generation hand photo and it is really cool. In my scrapbook I wrote with it "Oh the places these hands have been, the people they've touched, the deads they've done. Oh the places these hands will go, the deads they'll do, the love they'll show." Just thought i'd pass along the photo idea.

  2. That's really cool. I love that both of my grandmothers lived to see Gwennan.


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