Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Bad Habit Faced

Confession... I'm a lousy reader... now. Why? Hulu. Is it really their fault? Of course not. They provide the material at my mouse click with limited commercials 24 hours a day. But I'm the lazy bum who frequents the site.

I used to read for the joy of it. When I was little, the library offered a reward system in which you received a free personal pan pizza after 20 or 25 books. I think I earned them every other week. I had a laundry basket to hold all my library books. I remember getting so caught up in whatever I was reading that I would pray for the characters at night.

Then, library fines caught up to me, really to Tim. I think he might have a most wanted poster in the Knoxville Library System for borrowing over a dozen books and keeping them for more than 6 months. We actually received a notice that it would start affecting his credit if we did not return the books. Yikes!

I was afraid to reenter the library at that point. But that did not stop me from going to McKay's - the best used bookstore maybe on the planet (probably not, though). I got lost in McKay's, wandering up and down aisles of great classic works and modern Oprah Book Club picks and Children's books - Oh, how I love children's literature! If I could make a career out of loving children's literature, I would! I want to be the lady who dresses up and reads amazing tales to small children every Thursday at 11.

So what's happened to me? I can't blame it on being burned out from school. If anything, grad school trained me to read longer and smarter.

In fact, I still love to read, once I actually open the book. But 90% of the time, when I get a free moment, instead of opening a book, I crack open the computer. Before I know it, a TV show is playing. Keep in mind, I would never miss the shows if I didn't turn them on. I don't spend all week thinking, "I wonder what happened on Flash Forward or Fringe?" I don't care.

Theoretically I'd rather be reading. And my mind (probably my writing, too) would benefit. So I'm starting an experiment. I am breaking from Hulu (couple time with Tim excluded) and spending my resting time reading - reading paper pages, not just webpages.

First on my list, catch up on my "read through the Bible" plan, then finish the really interesting book in the women of India that I started a month back. Wish me luck!


  1. I read a great book last weekend, but it was weird that reading a book seemed much more self indulgent that getting on the laptop. Cyndi


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