Monday, May 24, 2010

Long Weekends

Have you ever read "Alexander's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day?" I feel his pain. I'm glad to see this weekend finish. It amounted to a three day migraine. Nothing's done. I'm crazy behind. I had a whole day to myself on Saturday to dive into any project I wanted to, and I spent the whole day in bed. (I'm now caught up on Design Star and wishing I could paint walls and sew window treatments).

I learned an important lesson: Gwennan can indeed crawl off the queen size bed, quickly. In the time it took me to walk to the kitchen, she was off the bed and on the floor screaming, a little purplish pump showing on her forehead. I almost cried with her.

Not sure why I feel obligated to reveal my big parenting mishaps on this blog. Maybe it's because the successes are kind of boring - Hey guys, I kept Gwennan alive, fed and occupied today! Even if I did stumble upon great wisdom in parenting, I'm dealing with an N=1. I think I need to prove my methods with a few more children; they might even need to grow up loving Jesus before I can solicit parenting advice or publicly pat myself on the back.

I feel a little hung over, but certainly better than I have the last couple of days. Hopefully, my head will calm down as the pregnancy gets a little farther along.


  1. i'm pretty sure every parent has that "i left him for 2 seconds and he fell off the ____" incident. i'm dreading my turn. and don't feel bad about sharing mishaps...i've got a post all about starving isaac ready to be typed up. haha.

  2. That's the thing, I've starved her too. My dreams of perfect parenting are evaporating.


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