Thursday, April 29, 2010


The baby has reclaimed her room. It was time. She was scooting all around her bassinet and really needed more space to lose her passie and scream in. So, we set up the crib and moved her back to her room.

I no longer have a dedicated sewing room. :( Since I worked on most of my projects while she slept in my bedroom, I now have to figure out a new system. Before I claimed her room, I just dragged the sewing machine into the living room, claiming the entire space for cutting, pinning and sewing. However, Tim really didn't appreciate my spreading creativity.

If you check out my craft to do list, you'll see I really need access to my sewing machine. And to get my bum in gear!


  1. Barry's none to happy with my taking over the dining room table. And with 4 kids and only 3 bedrooms, a dedicated sewing room there will never be. *sigh*

  2. I hear you. We probably won't have a crafting room until the kids move out - Ha! Like I'm going to make it that long. I suppose if I could make money at it, then I could legitimately claim a corner of a bonus room or something.


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