Monday, April 12, 2010

Early Morning on the Beach

The other night, we hopped down to Grandview Beach to enjoy the water on a warm evening. I realized then that the sun rises over the water here (makes sense - we're on the east coast). After that, I have been set on shooting some beach pictures in the morning. So, this morning, Tim woke me up early for a Monday morning date on the beach.  He is so much more romantic than me (I offered to make him corned beef and red cabbage for his birthday dinner - I think that might be the anti-romantic).

The path to Grandview in the morning:


On the beach, we watched the crab fisherman take their boats out. Another fisherman, a Loon, also dove for his breakfast in front of us. Mostly, we just walked and took turns enjoying the beach with Gwennan.


At this point, Tim and I traded baby for camera. I really should insist that he take pictures more often. He's quite good.


And finally, one for the grandparents:

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