Thursday, April 8, 2010

Keeping Cool

Anyone remember the Chris Farley skit, "El Nino?" Apparently, he (El Nino) reappeared this year causing an unusually snowy, cold winter and no spring. So far, we seem to be skipping the best part of the year - 70 degrees with a light breeze, sunshine and clear skies. Instead, at Busch Gardens yesterday, it was a sweltering 90+ degrees.

So here is my questions - how do you help keep little guys cool in really hot weather? Gwennan was covered in heat rash by the end of the day and was still a bit sticky when we put her to bed last night. I gave her extra fluids, plenty of sun screen and shade and tried wrapping a wet paper towel around her neck. Does anyone else have suggestions for cooling her down?


  1. Plenty of water - both in and out. We used to put the boys in water whenever possible - in the shade - when outdoors. When my first one was a new baby (April birth), that summer, we kept a wading pool on the back porch and had a friend with small baby visit a lot. Instead of coffee visits, we had "pool sits"! Dump, wipe clean, refill every couple of days.
    If water's not possible where you are at the time, try a quick lukewarm rinse/bath on her when you get home.
    The fewer articles of clothing, the better.
    Shade and water - they're the best!


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