Saturday, April 24, 2010

First Landing State Park

Yesterday was Tim's birthday. (Happy Birthday, Honey!!!) I love birthdays, well, mostly other people's. My own is just okay. Obviously, Tim can't always take the day off, but I really enjoy spending the entire day doing whatever the birthday boy (in this case) wants to do.

So, we drove across the bridge tunnel to visit First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach:

First Landing winds through a cypress swamp - eerie, beautiful and probably full of snakes and mosquitoes as the weather warms.

I love and hate swamps. The tree stalagmites and Spanish moss are fascinating, but I'm constantly on edge. Anything can hide anywhere in a swamp. The totally still black water reminds me of death. I'm sure I'm overreacting (I tend to do that), but I feel haunted in swamps.

A few years back, Tim and I took a paddling trip on a canoe trail in Alligator Alley State Park (NC). I haven't been so creeped out since the snake room at the Haunted Cave (for those of you who don't know, I am snake phobic!!). Again, with the low hanging bushes and espresso like water, I was convinced snakes (and alligators) were surrounding me. They probably were, but they obviously didn't care. The trip was cut short by my paranoia.

I tread lightly at places like this. And I tread much more happily if a dog is walking ahead of me, and Tim is there to protect me. :)

Besides the creep factor, we had a lovely day - visited several aquarium stores (see my fish entry to learn how ridiculous we are about fish), ate at a really cute deli, Taste Unlimited, and saw the lighthouse at Fort Story.

Again, Happy Birthday to the best man I know. You are a wonderful husband and daddy, and I'm so grateful to celebrate another year with you. I love that you know that I wouldn't order a tuna fish salad sandwich. :) I love you!!!! me

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  1. Found out this week that Taste Unlimited also has a location at City Center. Awesome!


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