Thursday, April 1, 2010

Baby Genius

For better or worse, I'm a scheduler. I like to have a framework for my day; to plan craft days and ensure that I get around to diaper laundry before we run out of diapers. As you might imagine, G has a little schedule too. Hers is much more basic. Everyday but Sunday looks the same; eat. sleep, play. What a life!

The last several weeks, Gwennan has been exhausting. She cries inconsolably during her wake time and tosses restlessly during her nap. I was resigned to a horrible phase where I prayed for nap time and silence.

Then, digging through a box for something completely different, I found my copy of "My First 300 Babies," written by a British live-in nanny. It was my mom's guide when I was an infant before "Baby Wise" became popular.

The author is brilliant! I think she's documented some infant circadian rhythm. Gwennan's temperament changed as soon as a updated her schedule to that suggested for her age. She's back to her smiling, happily occupied self. I can leave her in the Johnny Jump-up or the playpen again. It's simply amazing.

If you're not a schedule person, okay. Your choice. But I'm sold!

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