Monday, February 21, 2011

ReStyle It - TV Amour

Finally, a new post.

Sorry for the neglect. We had a weird weekend, one of those weekends that starts on Wednesday (migraine followed by furniture restoration). This was our backyard this weekend:

This mess took three days to clean up. :/ Hence, the blog's neglect. But... the television is no longer the focus of our living room. Yay!

Tim's oversize, always-in-disarray amour was no longer needed thanks to the 1850's primitive dresser he found, so I claimed it for the living room. Our TV used to balance on an awkwardly small stand that barely held the DVD player and Xbox. Now it's hidden behind doors along with all the overly complicated electronics.

We bought this bedroom suite five years ago when we got married. It was literally the only set we could afford (a.k.a. cheapest we could find). The description was "country cottage." Our house doesn't really have the country cottage feel, so I decided to ReStyle the cabinet to fit the living room.

I used a shabby chic technic to create a distressed look to this cabinet. I started by painting several colors along the edges of the cabinet (it looked slightly camouflaged at this stage). Then, I covered it in a flat black that matches our other furniture. Finally, I sanded the edges so the other colors show through. Now the cabinet looks intentionally used rather than freshly painted.

A piece of advice that I learned the hard way: cover your work in clear polyurethane. Nothing is more frustrating than chipping your freshly painted furniture as you carry it into the house. Our dining room set needs a repaint because I didn't do this.

I'm really excited by how much cleaner our living room looks now that we can cover up the TV. And the old tv stand... we put it by the curb, and someone picked it up the same evening. We have some serious junkers who stalk our neighborhood. They'll grab anything we put on the curb. It's nice to know the piece didn't go straight to the landfill.

If you're wondering where the girls were, they enjoyed the gorgeous weather with us.
Baby A slept in the sun
While Baby G started the morning in tears...
Our sweet bunny cheered her up and...

All smiles

Hope you enjoyed your weekend, too!


  1. cabinet looks great! Baby A looks very cute and stylish and I love the pictures of Baby G and the bunny!

  2. Great job! We hung our TV above our fireplace when we moved in and it made a huge difference getting it up off the floor stand.


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