Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hair Icon

Whenever I'm asked the question, "Who would you meet if you could meet anyone in the world," I always come up with some super sweet or spiritual answer like "my grandfather who died before I was born" or "the Apostle Paul." But my honest answer, at least this week...

Katie Holmes' Stylist

Katie Holmes is such a cute momma! She actually looks like a mom, not like so many Hollywood stars who look like women who had a baby at some point then never saw them again. I picture her wiping drool off her shirt on her way to the park.

I always want to use Katie Holmes as my doppelganger, but that would probably cause a "ha - wishful thinking" reaction. Besides the haircut, we look nothing alike. In fact, outside of the first name, baby girls with unusual names and super hot husbands, we really have nothing in common (and I totally beat her with the husband thing, as my hot hubby is not CRAZY).

If I can't actually look like her, I can at least borrow her stylist, right?
This pixie cut is to die for. What mom doesn't want to look this cute with no styling?!
Sorry for the celebrity drivel. I just cut my hair, and I like it, but it would be really nice to have someone professionally style it for once. Thus, I'm a little pouty. 


  1. I am sure you could totally cut your hair to look like hers! You are just that talented :) I agree, she does seem down to earth, except the whole crazy husband thing!

  2. Thanks. It looks better today, so I'm happy.


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