Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hootie the Hottie

As promised...

Afton's Owl Heater - "Hootie"

I realize that description wants an explanation. Hootie is actually a pouch that holds a rice bag as seen below:

Hootie next to his contoured rice pack insert
A little history... Sarah (my super talented youngest sister, not to be confused with my super talented middle sister) made rice-filled heat packs for her friends this year, including me. Within days of receiving mine, Afton claimed it as her own. If her feet are anything less than toasty warm, Baby A screams as though frost bite were imminent. When we were staying at my parents over Christmas, the only way she slept was cuddled next to my Christmas present hot rice pack. 

All that to say, I wanted my rice pack back. Sarah made it for me for a reason. My back is killing me from hauling babies around all day. So, I proposed a trade to Afton. A custom-made, super cute rice pack for her if she'd relinquish mine.

Afton's pack had a few challenges:
Velcro at the base holds the rice pack in place
and provides easy access for heating

1. She urps on everything. I need to be able to wash it. Rice doesn't hold up well in the washer, so her pack needed a cover.
2. Fabric takes up the smells in the microwave. If the rice pack is removable, the fabric next to Afton might not pick up the smell of reheated leftovers. At least, that's the idea.
3. This would probably become her "must-have" to sleep with. In the future, it would be nice if it were cute. When she no longer needs the rice, I'll stuff it and close up the bottom.

Why the owl? I'm on an owl kick. I don't know. That's probably why I can't come up with a cuter name than "Hootie." He really doesn't mesh with the rice pack/heater theme. Oh well.

The next step: mass production because I know you all want one for the cold-natured babies in your life. :)
Baby A snuggling with Hootie, grateful for the warm toes


  1. So hilarious...when Isaac was still sleeping in our room, we used a bag of rice to get him to sleep every night. I think he thought someone was still holding him since there was a "warm body" next to him, like puppies in a box together. It was almost an emergency if we couldn't find it. However, ours was just a bag. of rice. totally need a cover for next time. owls are great for either gender, too! btw, afton looks a BIT like her sister:)

  2. We definitely produce a "look." They can't deny each other.

  3. Oh my!!! This is adorable!!!! So, you just stick the rice pouch in the microwave for a few seconds??? How long does it stay warm?

  4. This rice pack takes a minute thirty on high and stays warm for several hours, especially when cuddled under baby's blanket. Afton now smiles when she sees Hootie coming.

    Disclosure - every pack and microwave is different, and you could burn baby if you overheated it. Use your good judgement.


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