Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crib Skirts

Our girls are officially roomies now. We found a crib for Afton and moved her in last week. For some reason, the move triggered a mini nesting streak in me. I wanted crib skirts. Not sure why I had to have them now. Gwenny has gone a year without one. Now that we have two cribs, their naked undercarriages just would not do.

So, I pulled out the Brother, dug through my fabric stash and came up with all the needed materials for this crib skirt (why reinvent the tutorial when Star wrote such a lovely one already). I spent all Friday and Saturday evenings hunched over the sewing machine (hence the burning along my shoulder blades today), but the skirts were so worth it.
Side by side cribs - I love having Irish twins.
Seeing them sleeping next to each other makes my whole body smile. I know their concept of "sister" is pretty immature now, but this is just the beginning of great things to come!
A close up of the new crib skirts
The peek-through effect is so nice on this pattern.
I chose this fabric to tone down the "babyish" feel of a nursery. It doesn't have to be all pastels.
For the rest of the room:
Tim found this amazing antique dresser when he found our new desk. All it needed was a little wood conditioner.
The tea party table - more to come on this ReStyle It project 
Found this at World Market. They are so cute and match the room perfectly. Gwenny loves to ring the bells at the end.
In the same World Market line - an elephant fan pull. We're constantly lifting G up to play with the hanging pachyderms.
I heard somewhere that any project boils down to three aspects: time, scope and money. You can only be deficient in one area. When it comes to our house, my decorating schemes encompass a lot of scope but we have a small budget. That necessitates that I take my time, collect pieces slowly, make items when I can, etc... until I meet my vision. The girls' room took a step forward this week. I'm itching to continue improving our home, making life more comfortable and hospitality easier.


  1. LOVE this! You did a great job - those fabric choices are a fantastic combo!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed my tutorial :) Thank you so much for sharing your success with me and linking!

    BTW would you let me know the HTML you wrote when leaving me a comment that made it so your blog name was hyperlinked? That's so much better than leaving a huge long link like I always do lol


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  3. Thanks. I really appreciated your help with the project.
    As for the html code, I found the info here:
    HTML code
    Hope it helps.


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