Saturday, February 5, 2011

Good Night

I'm up late, way too late for a momma with a little one. The best part, it's 11:40. A few years ago, I considered this prime workout time. I got off work as an R.A. at 11, walked the halls to finish the night, then headed to the gym. Ah, to be young again. No, not really. It wasn't my best phase, just my most energetic.

For anyone else, who's up late, I thought I'd pass along late night home remedy I received during pregnancy:

Honey and warm milk

Not only does it bring on sleep, but it helps soothe heartburn. Amazing stuff when you've consumed a pound of Tums in a day - thank you Baby A.

The heartburn subsided when the baby arrived, but I still like this combo for making me sleepy. Tonight, however, I'm pulling out the big guns. Nyquil, get ready.

Good night moon. Good night chair. Good night crafters everywhere.
Good night bunny. Good night mouse. Good night messes in my house.
Good night cup. Good night spoon. Good night blog. See you soon.

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