Monday, March 26, 2012

Rejoicing in the Upswing

Another mother-daughter weekend. Spring is time for school vacations and youth trips. And time for we girls to play together, bond over something besides household chores.

So, we visited the park. Situated under a stand of pines, we climbed and swung in a green fog {could account for the stuffy sinuses and sore throats}.
 Unsure of the swing at first...
 One big push later, exaltation in anti-gravity

The drama of the swing's fall makes the upturn that much more joyous. Our hearts the same. 

If you sin is small, your savior must be small also. But if you're sin is great, your savior must be great. 
~Charles H. Spurgeon

Our hearts are preparing this sacred week. Searching the soul to expose the depth of our fall, so that we might rejoice in the unimaginable height of His glorious grace

Today, Day 1 of Passion Week, we tell the story of our fall from God. The tied-for most terrible story in human history {Friday, we'll tell the other most terrible - the deicide of Jesus}. Man's lowest point that becomes God's highest glory. The cause of Christ's grief and the reason for resurrection and Easter and shouts of Hallelujah! He is risen indeed!

The story I teach-tell the girls today {from Genesis 3}:
{Context} Remember that God created the whole world and said that it was good. And that He made Adam and Eve special. He put them in His garden to walk and talk with Him and gave them one rule: Do not eat from this one tree, or you will die. 
This is the story from God's Word: The snake was crafty, and he slithered up to Eve and spoke a lie hidden in a question: Did God really say you can't eat any of this fruit? He must not love you. Eve replied: No. He said we could not eat the fruit from this one tree. Then she added: And we can't touch it, or we'll die. No, said the serpent, you will not die. God is holding out on you. He doesn't want you to be happy. Eve thought about the snake's words and looked at how pretty the fruit was. In a decision that changed history, she reached out and grabbed the fruit. She ate it, and Adam ate it too. {act out the reaching and eating} 
The world broke {pretend to crack a stick with hands} - sin entered bringing death. Adam and Eve hid {hold hands in front of face}, fearing God. When God came to walk and talk with them, they stayed hidden. So He called to them, Where are you? Adam answered from his hiding place, We're afraid of you. God's heart broke {repeat breaking motion}. Did you disobey me and eat the fruit? He askedAdam blamed Eve {point away from self}, and Eve blamed the snake {point away from self in another direction}. But the fault lay with all of them. God had to punish their disobedience. He told Eve that her job as mother and wife would now be difficult and painful. He told Adam that his job as provider would now be difficult and painful. He told the snake that Eve would have a son who would crush his head {pound fist against palm}. That son was Jesus, who would defeat Satan on the cross. Then, to show that sin causes death, God killed an animal and made clothes for Adam and Eve. Finally, God sent them out of His garden {sweep arm as if pushing someone back}, so that they could not live forever without Him. They would die. But through Jesus, another chance to walk and talk with God would come. That's the end of the story
Our fall breaks my heart, but God's promise of deliverance begets unflappable hope. He has not left us hiding, broken by our shame. Instead, he is just {demanding a complete atonement} and the justifier {He is the complete atonement} of the one who has faith in Jesus. Romans 3:26

Again, feedback and double checking of this teachable story is much appreciated! The girls asked me to repeat it 5 times at lunch today. When God's heart breaks, big one's lip trembled.


  1. O my, my eyes welled up when I read that very last line of your blog. It is proof that the storytelling is doing its work already in your daughter's heart.

  2. Good job with the girls! I think the story was great! What fun times hanging out with the girls!

  3. Whoops! Had my weeks mixed up. This is not passion week; however, the story is applicable for day 1 of passion week, setting the stage for Christ's death.


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