Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In Tim's absence

DH's traveling. Just us girls - Princess Night!

Daddy is the "fun one." So Momma has to step up her game on single parent nights. Long walks, trips to the playground.

Tonight, enjoy being girly! Twirly fairy skirts, silly paper crowns, necklaces and a princess movie. Snuggle together to watch the prince and princess survive and fall in love.
Family of girls, but I never liked organized girl nights - nail polish and gossip and sappy movies where the bad boy is transformed by the pretty girl nobody noticed before tonight. Not my thing. Football and camping and back aching farm work. That was me. Still is, somewhere. Always thought I'd be a boys-only kind of mom, muddy boot prints and wrestling and frogs.

But God gave me girls, beautiful girls. One with a thing for shoes; the other for "feet pants" (tights) and purses. She generally carries three. The only color big one recognized for months, pink. Little girls lost in their innocence and dress up clothes. I enjoy now. Listen to Gwennan sing: I so pretty. I so pretty. Come middle school, I'll be longing to hear her sing those words.

One skirt and pair of pink striped tights just isn't enough
My baby girls dance to the princess's song. We celebrate girlhood. The pink will balance out eventually, but hopefully their sweet hearts and love of beautiful, the passion for friends and desire to serve continue.

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  1. They are adorable! That picture of Afton is especially cute-- so much excitement!


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