Monday, March 19, 2012

Bumpy Trip {I-40 through Arkansas!}

Big one fell asleep at the table yesterday, bottle in hand, quesadilla untouched. She just could not keep her eyes open for one more second. An apt description of the entire family recovering from our trip to Arkansas this weekend.

DH's bro married his lovely bride Friday night. A wonderful family event... filled with obstacles for the Tim Ellises.

Started the trip with a gallon challenge gone wrong. Small one neglected to ration her double bottle of milk and threw up all over the parking lot at the airport before we even left the state.

Sweet baby cousins were anxious to share wheat with the girls - sick tummies and full diapers ever since. Big one went on an industrial toilet strike. No bribe could induce her to use the "dirty" Arkansas rest area toilets or the "scary flush" hotel toilets {her bladder must take up half her torso}. Small one couldn't nap on the wedding day. She and I paced the halls through the entire ceremony. I don't think there will be a single photo where she is less than hysterical.

On our way home, small one dislocated her elbow. After instructions from the pediatrician, we parked in the back of a gas station {fewer witnesses} to relocate {correct term??} the joint. On the last flight, the airport lost one of the stroller wheels. While we waited for them to locate and replace the wheel, big one blew out her panties...twice.

Oh yeah. Underlying all this, the hotel was replacing the carpet on our wing, so we spent most nap times listening to hammer strokes and mariachi music. Twice we were "painted" into our room by carpet glue. The first day this happened, I found it quite inconvenient. In light of everything else, I barely remember it.

I have no pictures. I have no pithy message. I only have a wild story and bag of dirty clothes. But bro and new sis have a brand new life together. We would do it all over again for that.

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  1. Oh my word, I am about speechless! What a trip and a story!! I am sure being home feels better then ever!!


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