Friday, March 23, 2012

Our Creating God

We're having a beautiful, albeit pollen-filled day. The girls played long, arms pink and hair curling in the humidity. Peer pressure tells me to mow, but dandelions tucked behind ears speak louder. Let the flowers grow, and the let the little ones exalt in simple beauty. Our perfectly creative God hides tiny petals in all colors among the blades of grass for little fingers to search out.

Spring beauty reminds me that I owe stories, namely the creation story, for the storytelling project. The first Teachable Story, the story of our creative God from Genesis 1 and 2.
This is the story from God's word: In the beginning, there was nothing {make a zero with hand}. But God was there! He looked at the nothing, and {hold up one finger} God said, Light. He separated day and night, and God said, That's good. The next day {hold up two fingers}, God said, Sky.  He separated earth and heaven, and God said, That's good. The next day {hold up 3 fingers}, God said, Land, Plants.  He separated the ocean and the land, and God said, That's good. The next day {hold up 4 fingers}, God said, Sun, Moon, Stars. He filled the day and night, and God said, That's good. The next day {hold up 5 fingers}, God said, Birds, Fish. He filled the sky and seas, and God said, That's good. The next day, {hold up 6 fingers}, God said, Animals. He filled the land, and God said, That's good. Now that everything was full, God had one more thing to make: Man. God didn't speak this time; He formed dirt to make the man, Adam, and God breathed {blow into your palm} to give him life. Then God created a perfect helper for him, Eve. Adam and Eve were special because they could walk and talk with God. And God said, That's very good. The next day {hold up 7 fingers}, God was finished creating, so He rested. That's the end of the story.
Please give me feedback. Is there anything I need to include or exclude? Do the memory cues work {hand signals, repeated verbal patterns}? Did I slip "church language" in there without realizing it? Is it short enough? Do you have a better way to describe how Adam and Eve are special? Let me know in the comments section.

**Ashley's corrections have been made. Thanks again!


  1. I like it! I think the verbal repetition is good and so are the hand signals. No church language that I noticed. The only thing I noticed is vegetation was on the third day with land and seas. Day six is just animals. Is it too much detail for kids to put in something about God saying in the sixth day that all he made was very good? Also, i like how you described Adam and Eve. Its simple but you know they're different from the rest of creation. I'm glad you're writing these! I want to use them in my preschool class.

    1. Thanks for the catch. I read that story so many times and still messed up the days:). I'll fix that. Also, I like the addition of "very good." This is why I asked for help!

  2. Isaac loves hand motions so I can't wait to try this with him!


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