Monday, March 12, 2012

Family Yard Work

We procrastinate yard work, regular maintenance stuff like weeding and raking. The big projects we jump right into.

On the weekends, we look for fun family activities: the museum, Williamsburg, the fish shop in VA Beach. All week piles of leaves, stuffed gutters and unchopped wood nag at us. Something about the nagging makes me want to ignore the work {organizing closets and changing out baby clothes fall into the same category}.

All our watery attempts to excuse ourselves from work were painfully transparent. Overhauls, boots and jackets later, the four of us marched to the yard.

We had so much fun. Delighted in the day.

Big one jumped at the chance to be big helper. Small one delighted in her sister's distraction. They tootled around the yard working at whatever toddlers work at. DH and I found ourselves pausing to watch them and smile with parental satisfaction. Thank you Lord for babies and exploring and the glorious task You entrusted us with. Good work prepared beforehand for otherwise bumbling 20 year olds.

The yard is neat just in time for the birds to return to the fantastic hedge by our french door. DH built a better compost bin, as specified by Bob the Builder. The yard isn't picturesque {we rent}, but it's no longer nagging us.

This weekend reminded me that family fun time only requires presence. Not a setting or lessons or toys or special events. Just attention. Such a relief for a family with a perpetually tight budget. Among the four of us, we have what we need for a great day.

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  1. Love that last sentence! So true, and easy to forget even when there's just the two of us.


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