Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ReUse It - Cardboard Canisters

Another "green" reusing moment here at Renaissance Momma. This time the cardboard canisters that coffee, tea, oatmeal, etc... come in.

Again, you can just throw them in the recycling, but I think there are more interesting ways to use them before they meet their end.

1. Cover in heavy duty wrapping paper and use in place of cookie tins around the holidays. I'm suggesting this now, so you can start a stock pile for Christmas. Biscotti would fit beautifully inside a canister like this. BTW~ A friend promised to teach me how to make biscotti. When I learn, you will, too.

2. Reuse as a canister. I know that sounds obvious, but canisters are much more convenient in your pantry than bags. Just place a nice big label on the front so you don't get confused.

3. Pencil Cup for your desk. With a couple coats of acrylic paint and some stamps, you can create pretty junk holders for your desk.

4. For you nature enthusiasts, I have a slightly more ambitious project... Birdhouses. You will need:
4 empty canisters
water based polyurethane
drill and screws
Liquid Nails (hot glue would work too)
plywood - 2 pieces - 24"x6" and 6" x 10"

Paint the outside of the canisters with polyurethane (you can paint a color first if you want). Allow to dry for 1-2 days.
Short ends together, screw the plywood at right angle so you create and upside down "L". If you want to retain the color, paint with polyurethane. Otherwise, just let it age naturally.
Glue the bottom of the canisters to the long upright piece. When you're finished, four inviting tubes should be facing you.
Hang in a quiet spot in your yard. Make sure it's secured well. I suggest screwing it to a tall fence or the side of a shed. You can encourage nesting by leaving some coconut mat nearby. Come spring, enjoy the chirping of new hatchlings.

5. I would be remiss if I didn't mention G's treasure tin. Gwennan is still running around with her canister of Christmas bows.

Anyone else have suggestions for ReUsing cardboard canisters?

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  1. I have a ton of carnation instant breakfast canisters. I'm going to make three part banks for my three kids with some, but not sure what to do with the others since they aren't very big.


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