Friday, March 11, 2011

Meet O'Leary

Last week, I wrote about my not so successful venture shopping for a bird.

This week... success! Meet O'Leary, our parakeet.

I think that's what comes from shopping with Tim. We've always done better as a team, especially when it comes to adding pets to our family. Hence why we got married.

We've debated about buying a bird for months. They're so cheerful and entertaining and able to take care of themselves when you go away for the weekend. Have I mentioned no housebreaking? Yes, a bird is the exact kind of pet we have time for.

So, we welcome O'Leary into the family. Now he can by my muse for crafting bird toys and sewing a cage cover.

Anybody else have a bird or a good bird story?


  1. he's cute! why the name O'Leary?

  2. With St. Patty's day right around the corner, we wanted to give him an Irish name. Tim came up with "O'Leary." His green coloring just confirmed the name.

  3. So our funny bird story? We had finches, two males . . . the guy at the pet store assured me. Wrong! We had a mama and a papa as we found out two months later when we found eggs in their little house. They had five baby birds! What a mess and what a racket; seven finches living in a cage all singing their little heads off kicking bird seed everywhere and don't get me started on the amount of feathers! Of course, then I had to find homes for all of them, which I did. We were living in KY at the time and one lady came up from TN and took two of them home. I've never had another bird since then.

  4. Leslie, that's great. Em and I had two finches growing up who managed to become 6. We loved it because we were able to finger tame the babies. You're right about the noise and seed scattering though. My mom strongly encouraged us to find new homes for the babies after the newness wore off.

  5. My maiden name is O'Leary and my Grandma O'Leary always had birds so this post made me smile :)


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