Tuesday, January 25, 2011

G's Treasure Tin

Baby G caught me in the act today. I was throwing out a treasure, an empty oatmeal canister. I certainly don't know what I was thinking to miss its hidden potential as G's new box for collectibles. It came complete with a lid. Fortunately, she rescued it immediately and loved it as her own.

After she carried it around all morning, I thought I'd make it pretty. We rummaged through the big craft closet finding fun, glittery paper and Mod Podge.

The only tricky part was keeping the card stock conformed to the round container. Thank goodness for rubber bands.

The finished project. 

If you're thinking that my one year old really doesn't care if it says "G" or "100% Whole Grain Oats," you are correct. Sometimes a project is worth doing just because it's easy, or because you really like the smell of Mod Podge. At any rate, G now has a pretty treasure canister that she can call her own.
It always helps when your treasure chest is full of play silks!


  1. Mod Podge is the "bomb diggity" as Caitlin would say! ;)


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