Friday, March 4, 2011

We're washing our hands... for now

7:30 on a Friday night. I'm in my pajamas, eating a thrown together salad, planning a sewing project and blogging. Yikes. I hope no one is reading this. I mean, I know you're all waiting for a potty training update, but I'd prefer if you were on dates, especially you married ladies.

Good news - the diaper rash is history. So is the potty chair.

She was doing well, surprisingly well. I'm talking hours at a time with no accidents, reaching for rewards when she used the potty. She didn't understand the whole concept top to bottom, but she did surprisingly well for 16 months. Still, something was not right. We caved to the "she's just not ready yet" excuse.

I learned a few things this week: 
1) Gwenny needs alone time. Having Mommy and Daddy hovering constantly really started to wear on her. She loves us, just not all the time.

2) Even little kids need to get out of the house. We took her to the pet store to reward her hard work this week. She was ecstatic. I don't think she liked sitting in the bathroom all week any better than I did.

3) It's not worth stressing your children for your schedule. Don't get me wrong, she wasn't curled in the corner eating her hair or anything. She was just stressed, more stressed than a 16 month old needs to be over peeing. I can swallow my pride and admit that I tried too soon.

So we put the diaper back on. I've never been so excited over using a diaper. After 5 days of watching constantly for accidents, I could relax and let the diaper cover do its job. Amazing.


  1. Hey it was worth a shot! She'll get it soon enough :) At least you got rid of the rash!

  2. That's exactly how I felt. I hated to quit, but I hated to see her so stressed even more. We'll try again at 18 months.


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