Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What we're up to...

Wow. Why did I think I'd have time to blog this year? I was telling my mom the other day that I get good time with the girls every day, but I don't remember it. Life is a bit of a blur right now. In order to craft, I give up blogging. Sorry.

Today isn't even a crafty post. By request, I'm offering an update.

At her last check up, she weighed 11 lbs. 10 oz. (10th percentile) and measured 24.5" (50th percentile). She's right on track with Gwenny's growth curve. Also, she has periodic reflux issues which have contributed to some late nights and lots of cuddling on bad days. Part of my shortage of posts.
Milestones: Afton now giggles at Gwenny, babbles to us, plays with her feet all the time, rolls over from front to back and can sit up in the boppy for short periods. So far, no interest in table food, so we haven't bothered yet. She's still a delightful, low maintenance girl with a brilliant smile and very kissable cheeks.

I'm not sure how tall she is, but she's up to 23 lbs. of bulldozer-like muscle. Six teeth have popped through with 2 molars threatening. 
Milestones: She literally runs laps around our house. Her vocabulary is growing steadily at this point. You can tell her favorite subjects by the words she learns. So far, her focus is on: sister!, food, animals and gardening. We dance everyday to Silly Songs with Larry and spend at least 45 minutes watching the "fishies" and birds. Oh yeah, and Gwenny lavishes "sissy" with hugs and kisses and most recently pulls Afton into her lap for cuddles. They are adorable together.

Tim and I
We're looking for a house of our own! We love the house we're in now, and our landlords are fantastic. But we also need a permanent place on the peninsula. Right now, we still feel itinerant which is not a good quality in ministry.
House hunting is time consuming, especially when you're budget is limited. That's really the excuse for my lack of posting. Every spare afternoon is spend house hunting, as is my computer time. So far, we've seen lots of "no ways" and a couple "hmm... this has potential." When we find a place, I'll post pics.

Also, last week Tim's brother visited. We had a wonderful time with Uncle Will, fishing, visiting Bluebird Gap Farm, touring Langley AFB and building countless block towers for Gwennan to destroy. The week went by so fast which is always a good sign when family comes to town.

That's what we're up to. How about you?

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  1. Good luck on the house hunt! The perfect house for your family is out there - and when you walk into it, you will know! Have fun while you are looking though, we loved it because we saw very interesting things during our house hunting experience!!


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