Monday, March 14, 2011

Pray for Japan

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I don't usually comment on politics or world events, but this is too big to ignore. Hopefully, you've all heard about the crisis in Japan - the devastating earthquake and tsunami that have killed thousands. My heart breaks for the families who have lost loved ones and even more so for the families waiting for news. My family has experienced that dreadful wait, and it is agonizing.

The pictures and videos coming from the affected areas are overwhelming. I can't help tearing up when I see the families affected. Now that I'm a mom, the heartbreak of losing a child is so real.

Having said that, I take hope in knowing that God works for good what men see as evil. The most horrible thing to happen in human history - the unjust murder of Christ - was simultaneously the most amazing, most life-giving event in all of history. No one standing on that hill watching Him die could have predicted what God's true plan was.

I won't pretend to know what God is doing through this disaster. But I trust indefinitely that God is good and that He is bigger than the largest earthquake or the biggest wall of water.

Please join me in praying for Japan, especially that the Lord would use the devastation to further His kingdom; that this would not be one more seemingly senseless tragedy, but it's real magnitude would be of stunning eternal significance. Through prayer, we can be of service to Japan even as we go about our relatively unaffected lives. And by praying with our children, we teach them to be aware of needs around the world (that might seem premature with my babies, but we're setting a precedent).

One more thing, rescue teams are tragically short on supplies for such widespread disaster. They need water and blankets. While I want to whip up a bunch of blankets and mail them over, that's probably not the most practical course of action. Here are two relief organizations that are already in place to provide care:

Please consider what you can do to help the people of Japan. Thanks!


  1. Thank you for this post. I have also been praying for Japan, and families, and others to do what they can to help. Thank you for the links.

  2. You are very welcome. Tim said the staff is trying to figure out something the church can do to help. Hopefully they will come up with something soon. In the mean time, we keep praying!


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