Monday, June 7, 2010

Quirky Pillows

I love pillows that resemble stuffed animals. Hence my desire to make the plush owl pillows that I mention on My Craft Ideas page. I know that sounds very specific, but check out the examples:

Top Right: I can't wait to make these from the pattern available from Blissfully Domestic. I'm thinking the crazier the fabric, the more interesting these owls will look. While Tim doesn't care for my other bird project idea, I think he likes these.

Bottom Left: Stuffed monster pillow from A Little Gray blog - BTW that fabric looks hand dyed. She sells them through her etsy shop.

For those of you looking for a more simple pillow idea, I'd try embellishing as seen here. Ottobre Design has great patterns.


  1. Hey, I just came over here from Courtney's blog and was so surprised to see my shop mentioned!! Thanks so much!

    by the way, do i know you? did you go to jbc?

  2. I don't think we've met. My husband went to JBC, Tim Ellis. He graduated in '05 (one of the guys who got lost kayaking). When I saw the monsters on your blog, I had to show them here. They are just too cute! Did you hand dye the fabric for them?

  3. oh yeah, I knew TIm! I totally forgot about that kayaking incident. And it would be super-cool if I had died that fabric, but it's just some batik from the fabric store.

  4. My sister is minoring in fabrics, and she's produced some batik that I love. If I can ever steal away for long enough, I'd love to go home and practice dyeing with her for a few days. However, that's not what our trips home look like!


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