Monday, June 14, 2010

Baby, meet Bunny

After many, "Be gentle. No, don't grab," talks with Gwennan, I thought I'd introduce her, officially, to Paka, our bunny. She's been eyeing him for months, wishing he would come close. She's very interested in fuzzy things that move of their own volition. So this morning, while I scrubbed the high chair and table down after a morning snack of bananas, Gwennan crawled around on the kitchen floor, hoping Paka would decide to make friends.

Being a remarkably good natured bunny, he obliged.

Gwennan was beside herself. She squealed in joy as Paka came close enough for her to touch. Things turned south after a few seconds, however. Apparently, baby fingers look a lot like baby carrots to a very hungry bunny. He ever so carefully nibbled on her finger. There was no malice or frustration, just a simple, "are you my breakfast?"

More surprised than anything, Gwennan was done crying by the time I picked her up. Another, "oops" moment for me in the parenting department. I don't think it's done any permanent damage, however. She still stands up, even though she's bumped her head several times in the process. Something tells me if I sat her down on the kitchen floor this evening, she'd still make a bee line for the bunny.

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