Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Wagon

Big announcement  - I have a new car! Well, new to me.

Tim and I have been sharing our Subaru since before G was born - 7+ months. It worked because I'm at home when he's at work then run my errands in the evening or on his days off. Still, Tim is a bit of a boy scout and wants his car to be prepared for any emergency - say a beautiful, unexpected day for fishing or a chance to fly kites or a wood working project at church. He keeps the trunk stocked with tools, gear and bungie chords. I've actually had bag boys ask me if my groceries will fit in the car. I'm really looking forward to some vehicular separation - me with my Volvo and Tim with his Subaru.

Besides the freedom of the open road (provided I'm back in time for G's nap), I love the actual car. I know most people wouldn't get excited about a '94 wagon. You might even be thinking, "that's what I drove in high school," (literally for you, Courtney).  But I love the super utilitarian wagons - the original hideaway back seat, the enormous trunk, the never ending pockets already packed with baby toys. To make matters cooler, this one is actually from Germany, driven on the Autobahn.

Best of all, it's already dinged up. I don't have to worry about making the first scratch or cracking the leather seats or breaking a side view mirror. It's already done for me. Again, that might sound counter intuitive, but new cars stress me out. I'm not meticulous with my car, at least the outside - I don't wash it; I kick doors shut; I park next to cart returns. I don't want the pressure of keeping the body looking pristine. No worries with a 16 year old car that's been through 3 teenage drivers.

The Volvo is a huge blessing to me and Tim. Thank you John and Leslie!!! You guys rock!!!


  1. hey!! so i meant to give you some of the cupcakes I made for community group the other night - they were blueberry chocolate crunch by paula deen. they were very good - seemed to be a hit! :) ill have some tonight at the 31 gifts party.

  2. Sorry I missed the cupcakes. I'm sure they were wonderful!


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