Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wait! Girls! Stop!

I'm glad you didn't pop in for a visit today, not because I wouldn't enjoy your company, but because you would have seen through the "momma" title straight to the hack. Immediate 'un-following' of a woman who pretends to write about parenting and Godly living.

Small one dragging clean laundry through the dirt on the patio {my reward for being 'green'}. Big one digging up plants {have you ever tried to locate an uprooted cucumber sprout in your lawn? The search for the fountain of youth is more rewarding}. Me taping Noah's Ark back together {big one's inner book monster made a resurgence - why don't they teach basic library repair skills in Lamaze class?}. I say zig; they zag. Eyes glazed, I mutter to no one, Folly is bound up in the heart of a child - this is not personal.
To break the now monotonous, Aaa! No girls!, I plop lunch on their plates, then plop them in bed. Close the door and walk straight outside. Here I can't hear them singing and bouncing and doing everything but sleeping. Some days are just this way. Sometimes for weeks... {hope not months or years}.
Painting the table in yogurt
Part of me says, Put some chocolate in an espresso, and muddle through.

Some other, much more spiritual side, reminds me, Open yours eyes and look for God. Let Him be your strength {this side has a slightly annoying voice}.

Maybe both sides are right. Maybe today, I search for God in a mocha. Pray for his strength and wash it down with caffeine.

Having one of these days? weeks? months? Tell me about it. We can exchange prayer.


  1. Definitely will exchange prayer. :) Ella has been into the entertainment center at least 50 times this morning. I finally realized there's no reason to sit this pregnant bootie down....just stay next to her on the floor so I can move her when she heads for it again. haha.

    1. Goodness, yes. So hard to keep up with a toddler when you're pregnant. I remember those days. My prayers are with you, especially in these last few months.

  2. Oh honey, I am so with you! I also hear that *annoying* voice :) I am also trying to enjoy these days and feel truly thankful for them. Which I think we both are thankful for them, it's just hard right in the moment!


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