Sunday, April 8, 2012

He is Risen!

Eggs soak in bright pink and purple bowls. Small reminders of life hidden inside an inert shell. Handheld picture of the tomb...

Our final story for Easter Week - Can you guess it?

He Is Risen from Luke 24 and John 20

This is the story from God's word: Mary had been sick for a long time. No one could make her better. Until she met Jesus. He healed her body and her heart. Mary loved Jesus and worked hard to help Jesus and his disciples.

But now, Jesus was dead, buried in a tomb that was sealed with a heavy stone. In Jesus' day, mourners brought expensive perfume to graves to help with the smell. It showed respect for the dead man's body. Mary woke up early Sunday morning to take perfume to Jesus.

When she arrived, the heavy stone was rolled back, exposing the cave. When she looked in, Jesus was not in the tomb at all, only the sheet he was wrapped in. Mary was heartbroken. She couldn't even take care of Jesus one last time. Two men from God saw her crying and asked, Why did you come to a grave to look for someone who's alive? Jesus isn't laying dead in a tomb. He's alive!

Mary thought the men were crazy. Dead people didn't walk out of graves. But then she heard a familiar voice, Mary. She turned around and saw Jesus, alive! She threw her arms around Jesus.  If Jesus could make his death right, He could make everything right. All sin and all pain and all death. This was the beginning of God's new kingdom. That's the end of our story.

If you used these stories, please tell me about it.

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