Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On a 30th

My Love,

Happy belated birthday! I'm sorry the day was rushed and disorganized and a bit anti-climatic. Maybe that's how 30 should be, remind you that it's really just the next day in your life.

I can't believe you're just now 30. It feels like we've been living in 30 for a couple years now. Like Gwenny ushered us into a new verse in that Alan Jackson song, you know, the one that makes me tear up. Remember when old ones died and new were born, and life was changed, disassembled, rearranged.

You're coming into your own now. With babies to care for, I see the man I wanted to marry replacing the boy who was standing at the altar. You love your girls so well. You love me so well. I'm just so proud of you, the sacrifices you make for us and the leadership you provide.

My 'things I love' list has increased from the early days:

~This picture:
~Your british accent when you read the Pharisee lines in the girls' Bible
~Controlled discipline when your house gets out of order
~Putting green speak to action as you use your bike to commute and eat all my vegetarian dishes
~Family adventures you push on the weekends
~As much as I gripe at the time, pausing road trips to hunt down antiques and mountain views
~Your eternal optimism that the girls will sleep in the car
~Coffee together by ourselves
~You defend me in front of the girls
~Your willingness to see any crazy Johnny Depp movie that catches my eye
~Your diplomacy and vision as a pastor
~Guac and chips every weekend during football season
~Your love for my side of the family
~Sitting by the fire pit at night
~Growing up together

You're still my favorite, my very best friend. I still love you like water. Thank you for bringing me into your life. I love you!


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