Thursday, February 16, 2012

A New Look for Nap Time

First night in new beds

 Their eyes dance when they walk in the room, unsure what to study first. Small one stands on tiptoes trying to kiss the owls. Big one jumps and squeals: G-een bed! Pointed to the footboard: Ooh, my letter! She owns all "G's." They sit sideways, toes together, hands held, bouncing with excitement.

This might be our best project yet. We've made more complicated things, but never have we constructed more harmoniously. Plenty of artsy, painting work for me; plenty of power tool, woodwork for him. We finished just under $50 with furniture we really need. That's right, two beds for $50!!

The headboard and footboard are scrapped doors, abandoned to the overwhelming church set construction pile. Old doors are furniture genius. For $20 or less at a salvage yard or Habitat Restore, you can pick up solid, reclaimed wood. These had the bonus of really neat hardware, seen better here.

The door-turned-bed idea is not original to us. You can find it here. This was DH's plan from the start. He didn't want small one sleeping Japanese-style, mattress flat on the floor. He found the plans, found the doors. We both found ways to complicate an otherwise simple project. Tim beefed up the construction such that our grandchildren can inherit these beds. He even made the molding for the end caps from plain pine strips. He's a handy guy to have around.
 At this point, the owls are a theme. Gwennan's "big girl quilt" (my first) has owls. On Afton's bed, you can see Hootie tucked in the mix. Now they roost on headboards too. And why not - they're sleepy birds.

That's it. No great spiritual lesson that I can manipulate to show how Christ is like a toddler bed. Just creative fun for the whole Ellis family. If you come over, I'm sure the girls will be happy to show your their owls. Have a great day!

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  1. So cute! I love their beds, great job mom and dad!!


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