Friday, February 24, 2012

do one... Lent

I'm late to post about Lent. Two days down. But the post didn't materialize yesterday. Migraine halo around most of my memories. My thoughts never composed. Even today, I'm not promising brilliance, even coherence. Please show grace. My head is still fuzzy from a day and night of pain and strong drugs.

"See one. Do one. Teach one." The learning strategy of Jesus with the disciples. See the God-given Truth. Live the Good News. Spread the Gospel. Repeat. Over and over until no one extinguishes without hearing.

I love to see, hear, learn. Let me read for hours. Listen to a dozen podcasts. Debate as long as the coffee is still warm. I love to tell people what I've learned, pass on truth. Where I fail: doing. Much easier to identify truth for others, rather than apply it to my own heart. I am the idiot with the log in her eye trying to point out specks.

But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. James 1:22

I don't want to observe Easter this year. Watch it come and go. I want to do. Make Easter my life. Lent, fasting and meditation, a daily reminder to set my face toward Jerusalem. Luke 9:51

As a child, we practiced, and I missed the point, so decided it was pointless. I assumed the practice, not my heart, must be flawed.

But I was wrong. Lent is meant to prepare for Easter, to remind and celebrate Christ's final weeks on Earth so that the Resurrection doesn't pass by, just another Sunday.
 Our mantel piece reminders are in place to help our family walk toward the Cross. The weekly meditations and readings are taken from the Mosaic Bible.

These cards will be dust collectors, faded and unnoticed without work. If I can ignore state car inspections and property tax deadlines, urgent papers with deadlines, I can certainly condition my eyes to look past God's word, too important to need a deadline.

Are any of you observing Lent? Have you learned anything already? Any good resources to share?

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