Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It rained and poured...

I am so late with this post that the original copy doesn't make sense. Forgive me.

The flooding subsided in our yard. We might even play back there tonight... if the mosquitoes don't carry small one away. With all this rain they swarm the evening air like a humming cloud.

For days we hid out in the living room watching Sesame Street and Veggietales while thunderstorms rattled the windows. Small one couldn't take it any more and slipped between my legs into the backyard, rain falling on bare shoulders. I started to call her back when she looked at me as if to say, Why have you locked me away from something this wonderful?? And off she ran.

Before long, she coaxed big one and PapaDaddy into the rain with her. Thunderstorm tag ensued.

With days filled to a surface tension bubble, my mind stays in four places at once. This 15 minute bout of spontaneity was a grounding moment. I stood quietly in the doorway, watching my family through the Canon, my life stilled in a frame while they ran around crazy. It was a good reminder of the important stuff.

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