Thursday, September 13, 2012

We venture out...

Another childcare week down, almost. I have about an hour 'til Mr. Dad gets here. Every week, I sit during this last short nap break and marvel at how quickly the week has gone and how well it went - Praise be to God!

Rumbly baby is grumping; otherwise, peaceful sleep. The thundering horde ventured out today, descending on a small playground. A clown momma unloading a pile of babies that caused stops and stares, and several, Are they all yours???

I almost wanted to claim them all. They were so good! Even rumbly baby enjoyed herself staring at leafy mobiles. Everyone's ears were turned on and tuned in. No major falls, very little blood, not a single time out. And six heavy eyes in the car {big one says, cars are not for napping, Mommy}.

Emotionally, this week has been hard for the girls. Monday and Tuesday, they trod all over personal space. We had to rotate playing in the backyard. Even that was not big enough.

By Wednesday morning, big one was a mess, clinging to me and whining. When I asked if her body hurt or her heart hurt, she replied, I just so frustrated with all the people coming into my house.

This morning, it was quiet one's turn. I usually don't hear a peep from her from 9-11:30 when she starts asking for bites. This morning, she cried and cried for Mommy, Daddy.

This isn't a string of play-dates anymore. It's work for everybody. Overlooking offences. Restraining our tongues and fists. Trusting God when we're overwhelmed. Hard lessons at 29, even harder at nearly 2 and 3.

We pray over angry hearts. Over lonely hearts. Ask for happy hearts, kind words.

For everyone who asks receives. Matthew 7:8

And it might take a change of scenery to reset hearts.

That's why God made playgrounds.

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